Policy Briefs

  1. Wertheim-Heck, S.C.O. and Raneri, J.E. Retail Diversity for Dietary Diversity – resolving the conflicting priorities of food safety and nutrition for the urban poor. Policy Brief, February 2019. (http://www.freshstudio.vn/images/pdf-files/Policy%20brief_Retail%20Diversity%20for%20Dietary%20Diversity_Feb%202019.pdf)
  2. Wertheim-Heck, S.C.O., And Raneri, J.E. (2018). Understanding how food retail transformations impact the diets of the urban poor. An evidence base from Vietnam. Long paper submitted to 170th EAAE Seminar. Montpellier, France, 15-17 May, 2019.